Unforgettable moments with nature in focus

Bergman Nature Tours will take you to the best wildlife places and give you unforgettable experiences of unspoiled nature. Learn about the amazing diversity of species and the importance of preserving functional ecosystems. We also want our trips to contribute to the conservation of the regions we travel to, therefore we use local guides and accommodation to benefit the local economy. The number of participants is limited on our travels, allowing for much time with the guides, good photo opportunities and the possibility of great flexibility in the program. Our ambition is that the species should be more worth living than dead through our ecotourism operations.

Our ecotourism travels contribute so that virgin forests become more valuable than timber. The forests also works as a carbon sink, contribute to clean water for the local region and prevent soil erosion.

Our trips

We use local guides and local lodges to give locals opportunities for income from untouched ecosystems. By doing that we contribute to a sustainable local economy.

On our trips you have plenty of time with the guides. Our ambition is to give you more than just beautiful pictures, we tell you the fascinating stories about how species and ecosystems interact.



Tour leaders



Karl-Olof Bergman has a PhD in conservation biology and has who visited many of the world's biological hot spots, always with the camera in hand. He is passionate about conservation and shares his deep knowledge of ecology.

Björn Johansson is a biologist and works today as a professional photographer.

With a great passion for tropical ecology, he has visited many of the rainforests in the world. He has teached at photo courses for beginners as well as for more advanced photographers.

Bergman Nature Tours use Tierras

products from the Correspondent serie.

Therese Åström is a biologist who is currently working with nature conservation at the county administrative board in Sweden. Therese has a wide interest in nature and values everything from magnificent views of waterfalls to the smallest insects. She is particularly passionate about the contact with the local people at the travel destinations and how nature conservation and people can go hand in hand. Tropical fruits are a passion so you can certainly get tips on some new exotic fruits if you ask!

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