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He has traveled to a number of the world's biodiversity hotspots, including hiking deep into Bolivia's roadless rainforests in search of images of shy species. He is passionate about preserving wildlife and communicating the beauty of nature and the exciting ecological interaction that exists between species.

In his work, he guides and teaches people of all ages and backgrounds. He feels at home in the tropics surrounded by a richness of species where you never know what appears next. Everything that lives fascinates him, from small camouflaged insects to large charismatic mammals.

Björn Johansson is a certified biologist who works today as a professional photographer.

A great passion for tropical ecology led to his graduation work in Manu National Park, one of the world's most species rich regions. Here he spent four months at a remote research station and studied a palm's ecology.

He has also been working with sea turtles in Costa Rica and is trained in tropical ecology at Borneo. Björn has led a series of photo courses for beginners as well as for more advanced photographers. For eleven years as an animal keeper at Orsa Predator Park, he also guided tourists from all corners of the world. He likes to go out in the rainforest at night with a lamp in search of exciting reptiles.

Karl-Olof Bergman has a PhD in conservation biology and has nature photography as a passion.

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